Website Update - 30/04/2021 - New! Ability to link Steam Account!

Penguin | 2021-04-30 00:20:54 | Announcements

New Features:

  • Support Desk only allows one open ticket per user at any one time
  • Ability to link Steam accounts from the User Profile
  • Ability to comment on News Articles
  • New Authenticated navbar
  • If user has linked their Steam account, a Steam icon will show in the navbar that links to their profile
  • New profile view
  • TMP ID moved from left side of profile, database restructured here
  • Removed the leftover VTC Events system as this now pulls events from the TMP Website itself
  • Uses named routes for more HTTP requests
  • Fixed XP History not showing for users

About the Authour

Penguin Developer

Owner and Lead Developer of Plasma GamingĀ 

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Awesome! #LeaveAComment