Website Update 14/04/2021

Penguin | 2021-04-13 23:09:32 | Announcements

Changes made to Website

  • Introduction of XP Leaderboard
  • Removal of "permission" roles (such as Food, Car Talk) etc. from the User Searcher as these were un-necessary
  • Backend improvements to certain routes
  • Added Inactivity alert on User Profiles for users that have set 'Inactivity / LOA' (Most users do not have permission to set this, just will now see the alert)
  • Changed 'User is banned until ' notice on user profiles to say 'This user is currently banned'. The details for the ban can be found on the users' profile.
  • Added 'Support Admin' link for those with the Manage Support permission (All Staff +)

About the Authour

Penguin Developer

Owner and Lead Developer of Plasma GamingĀ