Unified Support Desk

Penguin | 2020-12-08 20:17:20 | Announcements

We have now released our new, unified Support Desk!

This is a unified support desk, meaning there is no difference between Support & Feedback.

When you submit a ticket, it will go into what we call the 'Triage Queue' where a member of Upper Staff will determine which team needs to see it, or if it needs to stay in Upper Staff.

This means should you need to submit a confidential feedback ticket, only Upper Staff will see it. Upper Staff are the Team Managers + Community Managers.

You can use this new support desk to submit anything you want to contact us about. Could be a general enquiry, event server request, you want to report a player or appeal a ban or you just want some advice on something or if you just need to talk to a member of staff for whatever reason.

You can access the new support desk here: https://plasmagc.com/support This should be a lot easier for everyone as one desk, for all queries :)

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